Support Programs & Service Initiatives

Family members who become at-home caregivers are often faced with the task of trying to keep family bonds intact while coping with a loved one’s increasingly unpredictable behavior. Balancing these responsibilities can be extremely difficult. To help caregivers gain valuable insights and ease the physical and emotional demands they face on a daily basis, Sycamore Village offers a number of important programs and service initiatives. We invite you to inquire about any or all of the following programs we offer:

  • Caregiver support groups
  • Caregiver training
  • The Sycamore Village Resource Center

Memory Enrichment Community

Residents in our separate and secure Memory Enrichment Community share many of the same assisted living benefits, amenities and features, in addition to a robust array of programs and services specifically designed to meet their unique needs. Many of these are provided in specially designed memory support environments, including an aviary room, gardens, an art studio, and life skill centers which are intended to simulate the residents’ former vocational tasks, workplace activities or long-time hobbies. All of this is done in an effort to help promote participation in a continuing stream of spontaneous and meaningful activity choices.

Sycamore Village has also created a special setting for those experiencing Sundowner’s Syndrome. Painted and decorated to simulate a pleasant daytime environment, the peaceful, comfortable area helps reduce affected residents’ agitation and disruptive behavior, which characteristically occurs later in the day.